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Aloe Soap

Aloe Soap

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Milk Base

This soap is excellent for the Yoni! Does not cause or add to vulva conditions or infections. Aloe has a high water content, making it super hydrating, soothing and cooling. It's a powerful anti-inflammatory and can treat skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, neuropathy, sunburn, acne, and dry skin.

 Each 4oz bar of Aloe Soap contains:

  • Goat Milk-Nutritional: contains vitamins A, B 2 and D, calcium, phosphorus, & protein. Medicinal: strengthens immune system, promotes healthy bones. Holistic: moisturizes, soothes dry skin. Spiritual: purification of body & spirit, cleansing. 
  • Coconut Milk-Nutritional: contains vitamins C, E, B, iron, magnesium, medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) which are healthy fats that provide energy.

    Medicinal: anti-inflammatory. Holistic: moisturizing, conditioning, & hydrating. Spiritual: abundance, prosperity .

  • Lye-Medicinal: topical for skin conditions. Holistic: soap crafting, natural cleaning solution. Spiritual: cleansing, restoring, purifying.

  • Soybean Oil- Nutritional: Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, vitamin E, source of unsaturated fats for skin health. -Soybean Oil goes thru a breakdown process during saponification of soap. This process renders the Soybean Oil non toxic once soap is cured. 

  • Aloe Leaf - hydration. 

 Use Divine Clementine's Aloe Soap for a soothing bathing experience that will have your skin looking moist and radiant!


Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns
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All products are handmade in small batches for optimum freshness. Soaps must cure for 14 days before use. We will ship out your order within 5-7 days of receipt, however, your soap may not have fully cured if it was recently made to order.

If you receive your soap before it's ready for use, it will come with instructions on what day you can enjoy your Divine Clementine Soap.

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