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I have been unlearning and divesting from colonized beauty standards since 1995. Little did I know this revolutionary act would also be transformative, not only for my self-esteem and confidence, it also set the stage for creating intentional, healthy habits for my own ph balance, hormonal, womb, menstrual, peri-menopause, overall health and wellness.

 I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids in 2008. While seeking out natural remedies,I was introduced to the then named, Fibroid Detox Tonic, created by Dr. Eshe "Herbsistah" Faizah. I started taking her tonic,became a client of hers and she introduced me not only to the power and magic of herbs, healthy foods and moon cycles of life. She offered me a soapmaking class and the rest is HERSTORY! In 2009, I founded Divine Clementine Bath and Body. In 2016, we won "Best of ATL" by Creative Loafing. We have been making, by hand, small batch, all natural, Goat Milk and Coconut milk soaps with the best of intentions, since 2009.

We have created a product that is not only healing, it is truly sustainable, clean and Mother Earth friendly. Our soaps can be used from head to vulva to toe. Yes, you can shampoo your hair with our soap, you can wash your vulva with our unscented soaps and not disrupt your PH balance. We even got a raving review from the Vagina Rehab Dr about our Activated Charcoal Goat Milk soap! 

We do not believe in over consumption, which means we do not believe in nor suggest more than 4 skin care products used to create healthy skin. Healthy skin is an inside job! More on this later because we have a whole-body transformation service for this.

We do not believe in using tons of packaging for our products. The Earth is already suffering from human neglect, over consumption, plastic pollution and irresponsible disposal of trash. We do believe in and practice recycling-yes,please reuse our BPA Free body butter jars for something else when you finish! You can soak and wash them before using the for something else. 

We are an award-winning product and important voice in the holistic personal care and wellness industry. We believe in and practice, intentional wellness and strategic self care. We believe in embracing your natural beauty and aging gracefully. 

"Our products will inspire your confidence to embrace your own natural beauty."

-madam cj

DCBB Best Sellers

Soaps+Soap Bundles

Soaps+Soap Bundles

Divine Clementine Bath & Body all natural soaps are handmade with love... 

Whipped Body Butter + Bundles

Whipped Body Butter + Bundles

Divine Clementine Whipped Body Butters are rich in Shea and Cocoa Butters!Shea... 


“2 of my kids were diagnosed with eczema at birth and have used Divine Clementine Bath and Body since birth. They have never had an eczema rash. I have noticed that my 11 year old son doesn’t need as much moisturizer on his skin after his showers." - N. Hudson

“Divine Clementine Bath and Body has really put in the work to make natural sustainable
products to help maintain healthy skin. As a 30 year veteran health care professional,
and breast cancer conqueror, I know there is plenty of room for incorporating the most
natural, non-synthetic, non toxic (to us and the Earth) alternatives into our daily lives
such as bathing and moisturizing everyday. After 20 plus radiation treatments to my
breasts(for breast cancer), I found that DCBB products were VERY helpful before, during
and after my journey. Divine Clementine is raising the bar for natural sustainable,
non-toxic skincare.”
- R. Rice, Registered Nurse