Healthy skin starts within, do you juice cleanse?

Hey divine friend!

How are you doing today? We did our very 1st Nourish the Skin You're in challenge, in conjunction with our sister biz, Mama Hattie Evelyn's Movement Apothecary. It was a 5-day water and Divine Clementine Bath and Body product challenge. We created the challenge to assist folks with taking self-care baby steps in creating better Strategic Self Care habits for themselves. We drank our recommended weight in water for 5 days while using Divine Clementine Bath and Body soaps to wash our faces with. We bought out our skin's natural glow with these simple, yet necessary healthy actions! Healthy, glowing skin is an inside job. In 2022, I started a Juice Chef course and have been training since then to become a Juice Chef and Certified Holistic Health practitioner. I want to share the goodness of juicing with the ones of you who are interested and want to know and learn more! 

Juice Cleansing, Daily Juicing and Plant-Based Eating. This month, we dive deep into the rejuvenating world of juice cleansing, daily juicing and whole foods, plant-based eating. We explore how juice cleanses offer a restorative break to the digestive system while infusing the body with essential nutrients. Key takeaways included choosing the right duration, selecting a mix of fruits and vegetables for juice preparation, and tips for transitioning back to solid foods post-cleanse.

In addition to cleansing, we emphasize the importance of incorporating daily juicing into one's lifestyle. Daily juicing is presented as an effective way to maintain and enhance the benefits gained from a juice cleanse. We discuss the vitality of consistency, the diversity of ingredients for maximum nutritional benefit, and the significance of quality in choosing produce. 

Lastly, we focus on the advantages of integrating more whole foods, plant-based meals into daily diets. The emphasis on how a whole foods and plant-based diet supports heart health, aids in weight management, and benefits the environment. The overarching theme is the holistic approach to health through juice cleansing, daily juicing, and whole foods, plant-based eating, aimed at empowering individuals to make informed, health-enhancing lifestyle choices.

We love juicing, healthy foods and movement/sound therapy for healing and transformation. We hope that we can inspire you to live a more healthy life, if you are not already doing it! 

Peace yall! 

madam cj

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